Thursday, July 16, 2009

Acer Aspire One Laptops

The Aspire One has an integrated Crystal Eye webcam that offers just the right balance between easy-to read clarity and easy-to-use functionality. You could almost call it the perfect fit. Often the samllest is the most powerful. The Aspire One comes with the Intel Atom processor, built with the world's smallest transistors and designed specifically for low power consumption while delivering the power and performance you need for full online freedom.

New Toshiba Satellite laptops

Remember those new Satellite's Tohiba that dropped in Europe a week or two aga? Seems like they're making the scene Stateside starting today, alongside several of thier siblings. As previously noted, the A500 is a 16-inch multimedia machine (starting at $ 749.99), while the U500 ($849.99) is a 13-inch guy more suited on-the-go computing. Newly announced are the M500/M505 (with 14-inch high-def LED display, starting at $ 699.99) and P500/P505 (an 18.4-inch desktop replacement with slot loading DVD drive, starting at $ 799.99). All the new Satellites include multimedia command keys, webcam, face recognition software, harmon/kardon speakers and, of course, the worl reknowned eSATA/USB combo port.

Monday, July 13, 2009

We've been getting handful of readers queries per week recently about Gateway's well-known line of budget gaming laptops. The FX system, including the most recent models the P-7805u FX, have always impressed with mid-high-end components, big screens, and-most importantly-low prices. But these models have an unfortunate habit of vanishing from store before next update is ready, leaving PC gamers in lurch.

Fortunately, two new models are within reach (although one isn't really all that new), even if ther're not available for sale yet. Gateway lists both P-7807c FX and P-7809u FX as "available soon," (wich usually means Note that the P-7807u FX isnt't exactly brand new- it's been available sporadically in some areas, but it looks like Gateway is "Relaunching" it at discounted price.
Both keep same Nvidia GeForce 9800 GPU (which is getting a bit long in the tooth), but the prices are still hard to beat, and these should be fine for all but the most hard-core, frame-rate-obsessed gamers.

Apple Introduces MacBook Wheel

Okay, well, not really, but there on the eve of Mac World 2009, we thought we might have a little fun. We adore The Onion here at Gear Live, and we saw this video, we had to share it with you. After all, we know that Mac fanbos will buy anything, that prices on new Apple products can be high, and that somethimes battery life can be horrible. The Onion used that fodder to put together the masterpiece you see above, the first Apple notebook with no keyboard.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apple Touchscreen Notebook

Apple plans to launch a touchscreen macbook.I am sure it would be different from all other touchscreen notebooks available in the market , just like the iPhone.

According to The Commercial Times/DigiTimes, Apple has rounded up Taiwanese-based computer parts manufacturer Wintek to make displays for an upcoming touchscreen notebook. Rumors of a touchscreen Apple netbook are nothing new, but this one is quite specific in that it specifies that the displays will be passed along to Quanta who will be entrusted with the manufacturing of the netbook itself. Of course, details don’t mean a rumor has even the slightest bit of truth to it, but considering The Commercial Times/DigiTimes has a pretty decent track record (you know, when it’s not predicting Blu-ray Xbox 360s) and outed the first-gen iPhone, we’re willing to give this rumor the benefit of the doubt. As for when this alleged launch will happen, it is said that shipments should start in 2H of this year, meaning that there are still a few solid months left for everyone to speculate the hell out of this thing. But just think - Steve Jobs comes back to Apple in June, a new iPhone or two is expected, and a touchscreen netbook might be on its way. We’ll see…

The Portégé M700 Tablet PC


The Portégé M700 Tablet PC has a 12.1-inch diagonal widescreen LED Backlit Display with digital pen support, optional touch capability and anti-glare display for indoor/outdoor viewing. The Portégé M700 offers a smooth transition from notebook to Tablet PC with powerful Intel Centrino®Pro processor technology support for wireless 802.11a/g/n, and Gigabit Ethernet, making it a highly mobile standard for productivity.

Quick Specs

EPA Energy Star 4.0, EPEAT Gold, RoHS, Intel Core 2 Duo (2.1 GHz), 1 GB DDR II SDRAM, Mobile Intel GM965 Express

HP releases touch-screen laptop

Hewlett Packard has a new multi-touch tablet PC.
The Touchsmart tx2 lets users select and drag files with their fingertips. HP's previous Touchsmart machines were desktops created as all-purpose family machines to check e-mail, leave messages, listen to music and view photos.
"Breezing through websites and enjoying photos or video at the tap, whisk or flick of a finger is an entirely new way to enjoy digital content on a notebook PC," said Ted Clark, the manager of HP's notebook group, in a press release.
The tablet also has a standard keyboard and mouse, and a digital pen to take notes directly onto the screen.
Early reviews of the machine are favorable. Gizmodo called it a "multi-touch wonder." LAPTOP magazine reported that while the touch screen isn't as user friendly as the iPhone, the experience is pleasant. And praised the laptop's swivel display, "which lets you caress your snaps and flick through tunes without having to resort to the keyboard."
The new laptop comes at a time when HP is doing remarkably well, given the economic climate. HP's stock went up 14.5 percent yesterday, The Associated Press reported. The company also announced that fourth-quarter and 2009 results would be better than expected, according to the report.